Appointments are by veterinary referral only. An appointment may be made by contacting us on 087 1939654

Please Download a Veterinary Referral Form from next tab. To be signed by owner and veterinarian. 

Please note, if your pet is insured, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy are covered by most companies. It is up to the owner to claim.

Treatment pricing

  • Initial consultation €65

         Consists of assessment, land based treatment and initial home programme 60 mins

  • Follow up treatment session 45-55 mins €55
  • Session requiring two therapists: 45-55 mins €60

(e.g. First hydrotherapy session, treatment programme for large or giant breeds, the complex small animal patient)


                         WHAT TO BRING


Please read the terms and conditions and fill out and sign the consent form. Your vet must fill out and sign the veterinary section.

Please remember:

1. To have your dog fasting at least 2 hours before the session.

2. To arrive about 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to allow your dog a chance to walk outside to go to the toilet.

Please remember to bring:

1.  2 x towels – to dry your dog / for your car.

2. A coat or a soft blanket to put on your dog afterwards.

3.  Tasty treats that your dog loves – ideally something that doesn’t crumble easily.

4. The referral form, fully completed and signed.

5. Suitable clothing and footwear for yourself, as you will be entering a wet room.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 087 1939654