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Marley: 1 year old black Labrador X Bernese

Diagnosis: Severe hip dysplasia with significant luxoid hips

Indicators: Exercise intolerance, poor muscling, unable to jump up couch. Lack of energy

Previous Regime: Advised Euthanasia initially elsewhere. Advised Metacam

Treatment Plan: 

  • Rimadyl BID for 4 wks + Pardale BID for 2 wks. 
  • Was then on metacam daily and weaned off.
  • Home Exercises: Active Range of movement, changes to exercise regime and home environment.
  • Start land and water based physiotherapy. 

Currently: Off all medication. Hydrotherapy monthly. 

Running around with a new lease of life with her sister Chloe. 





Jangles: 12 year old golden retriever

Diagnosis: Global Arthritis and generally 'slowing down'

Indicators: Owners worried about her as she stopped wanting to go on walks, was plodding around the house, stiff after rest and finding it difficult to get up from lying down, difficulty getting in and out of car and up and down off steps.

Previous regime: Walked 20-25mins daily and swims in lake, reduced from 50mins-1hr in the last year. Tramadol but owner didnt feel it made much of a difference.

Treatment plan: 

  • Home exercises, change in environment and exercise regime
  • Hydrotherapy weekly to build up her pelvic limb muscles and improve her comfort.
  • Laser therapy to treat active trigger points along her spine 
  • Pulsed electromagnetic therapy to improve comfort and pain. 

Currently: Running ahead on walks, back to her playful puppy self, far more active and more comfortable. Improved quality of life! 




Grover: 6 year old terrier

Diagnosis: Type I disc extrusion at L3-L4

Presented with hindlimb paralysis, no superficial sensation or withdrawal, had deep pain sensation and weak withdrawal, no patellar reflexes.


  • Left sided hemi-laminectomy at Disc spaces L3 - L4 - L5. Massive amounts of disc material removed
  • Inpatient physiotherapy
  • Home exercise plan on discharge to owners
  • Alterations to home environment-non slip surfaces and ramps.
  • Hydrotherapy as soon as sutures were removed. 

Currently: On rimadyl as needed. Restricted exercise. Hydrotherapy every second week. 

Excellent quality of life! Owner knows his limitations and how to keep him at his best.